What do you wish for?


Every client I see I ask the same questions - walking out this door today - how do you want to feel? And then I also ask - if this problem or issue was resolved how would that change your life (spoiler: you then get to feel that way walking out the door)?

We often don’t know what we want.  My husband and I play the “I don’t care” game almost every time we go out to eat.  Maybe we know what we want, but we are apathetic about it - assuming that we most likely won’t get it. 

But with our emotions, we don’t need to take a back seat.  We don’t need to stay stuck.  We can actually change how we react to situations so that we have the freedom to react in a way that best suits us - who we are and where we are in life. 

This work that we do together is intense, powerful and life changing.  The freedom that is found and issues that are resolved are astounding and then living and breathing are easier. 

So my friend, if you have somewhere you feel stuck, if this problem or issue was resolved, how would that impact your life?  I’d love to help you get there.




show up. pay attention. tell the truth. let go.


After years of working in the Professional Development and talent management world, I decided to do this work in a new way. 

I work from a brain based perspective to bring about change and the ability to thrive knowing how and why we do what we do.

When we are stuck in patterns of unhealth or misalignment, we need a way out somehow.  I help people find that way out by using methods of Holistic Counseling, cognitive rewiring and empathy. 

I work with individuals as well as all sized companies to help them become the best versions of what they want to be. 

I'd love to hear about your needs, what steps you would like to take and how I can help. 

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