A brain based approach.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to work with me.  My authenticity, my own honest struggle, my ability to empathize and understand how to get from difficulty to thriving are just a few.  For many of my clients it’s a desire to be a better leader, others are seeking to reach the next level in their careers and some others want to transition into new ones.  And there are other clients that need someone to come alongside and strategize a simple or complex work issue.

Whatever your reason, with more than 7 years of corporate experience, I provide brain based insights, tools derived from an inclusive perspective, practical advice, honest feedback and the gentle prodding to get out of your comfort zone.


Executive Brain Health Coaching

I want to think smarter, be on top of my game and have thought partners that match me. Can you help me?


Whether it’s just you or your team of 20 - executive brain health coaching will sharpen your brain, help you lead with more clarity and give you an advantage over the competition.  This six week program is designed specifically for you and your brain and gives you individualized tools and learning to boost your brain and be your best. This is done in person, virtually or I can travel to you.  


Performance Coaching

I know there are ways that I could do my job better or perform at a higher level - does that sound arrogant?

No way.  

Improving you = improving everyone.  When you are at your best and peak performance, you do better, but so does the world around you.  You have new clarity, new skills and the ability to step into your greatness. Doesn’t that sound like a great plan?


Team Development

My team needs some love and help and I have NO IDEA where to start. Can you help?

You bet.  

Team development is crucial for creating a culture of connection and productivity but oftentimes it’s the last thing we do.  I assess your individual and team needs, your culture and learning styles and create opportunities for your team to grow, learn and have some fun.


Change Management

Our company is always going through some kind of change but right now change is huge and employees are freaking out - what can we do?


Your brain, because you are an evolutionary creature is either always in threat or reward mode. There is no in between.  Either you are walking towards a box of cupcakes or a box of scorpions and your body and brain will tell you what to do.  When our brains are in threat mode, it is because we are triggered in specific areas. When these triggers show up - humans go into self preservation mode.  We start missing work, showing up late, not paying attention in meetings and certainly not giving any opinions or feedback. We start talking about how things are unfair and that we are being treated like children.  These are normal. And it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways to keep yourself and your employees out of threat mode and in reward so that they can continue doing their work with engagement and forward movement.  


Executive Coaching

I’d love to think, strategize and work on new things for my business but how do I do that?

Lets talk.

Thinking outside of the box is a great way to get you out of your own way.  We think, mull and make decisions based on the past decisions we’ve made in our lives.  Julie gives you the tools to learn and think in new ways, set your bias aside and get you in the fast lane.  Or slow lane. Just the right lane for you. Business leaders from companies of all sizes benefit from executive coaching.  It helps you be the best leader you can be.


Julie Otte M.A.

Certified Health Educational Specialist

The Alignment Principle

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