Courage to change



Did you know that any change that is made in your life is processed by your brain as a loss?  Let that sink in.  Brain + Change = Loss.  Isn't that fascinating?  Think about it. 

New job = loss of schedule, relationships, time, being an expert.

Getting married = loss of autonomy, some freedom and loss of single status.

New diagnosis = loss of certainty and fairness.

These can even be good things in our lives, and still it is processed by our brain as a loss.  No wonder change is so very hard on us and those around us.

Lets be real.  Change is hard.  We resist it.  We scoot around it.  We take another class.  We keep ourselves busy.  We sign up for another conference.  We avoid change because it takes work. 

When people have the courage to actually change - it's truly amazing. 

My friend Tab has been telling me since the 2016 election that she's been changing her bias towards people and actually listening to the other side - to have clear understanding and less judgement.

My husband Troy wanted to be a better athlete and instead of talking about it, he hired a coach and changed his whole body.  My client recently came in and was sharing some very difficult things in her life and said we need to change what we do today in our session because I don't want to say forgiveness statements yet.  These people are courageous.  Strong and yet flexible.  They are taking the steps to change their perspectives, their lives and their immediate needs.  I cannot admire them more. 

For a long time I resisted change.  Change in my marital status, my personal life, the way I was treated, my education - all of those things felt so HARD to me and the idea of changing them felt even harder.  But I took the next right step each day and I could actually make change happen.  Not easily and it was certainly not fun but man am I grateful I did.  I'm here.  I'm happy.  I'm grateful.  I'm courageous. 

So what could you change in your head and heart if you had the courage to step into it?  To quit playing small and step into your greatness?  It may take a lot of change and a whole lot of courage, but it's YOUR life.  Step up to it and see what happens.

And as always, if you would like to talk or connect - please reach out.  May this season of thanking and gifting be filled with joy.  






show up. pay attention. tell the truth. let go.


After years of working in the Professional Development and talent management world, I decided to do this work in a new way. 

I work from a brain based perspective to bring about change and the ability to thrive knowing how and why we do what we do.

When we are stuck in patterns of unhealth or misalignment, we need a way out somehow.  I help people find that way out by using methods of Holistic Counseling, cognitive rewiring and empathy. 

I work with individuals as well as all sized companies to help them become the best versions of what they want to be. 

I'd love to hear about your needs, what steps you would like to take and how I can help. 

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