Mind. body. spirit. vocation.

Emotional freedom and alignment


What is alignment anyway?

We forget that we are integrated human beings.  We think that compartmentalization is quite easy or what we are supposed to do. Have you noticed it doesn't work very well? Our work concerns are on our minds while making dinner. Our home challenges show up with us on our yoga mat. Our frustrations with emotions can boil over at the oddest times. Alignment is the realization that we can work on some key focus areas that will bring us better clarity, strength and joy so we can thrive.

The four key areas of focus are mind, body, spirit and vocation.




Freedom from emotional patterns in mind, body, spirit, work.

reedom from past emotional patterns that keep you stuck

Alignment in the four crucial areas of your life.




Emotional Release Therapy 2 - 1 hour sessions per month re: that month's module in person or virtual

5 Crisis/Help phone calls for whenever you need help  (15 mins)

Exclusive email access to me - 8-5 M-F

Weekly journaling, writing and meditation prompts to facilitate greater healing and transformation.


**All services available in person or virtual